A Nice Little House

In Port Douglas, TNQ (Tropical North Queensland) in Australia

is a rather nice little house you might like to tour. Built on the hill above the water on the main promontory of Port Douglas, we approach the house down a winding tropical path. Don't trip on the hose.

As you enter the main entrance, you can't help but be stunned by the view out towards Snapper Island and the Daintree River area. Note the folded-back glass wall panels that make the house feel always "open".

If you turn around and look back towards the front door, you can't help noticing, as it rises up to the upper level, the graceful sweep of the stairway, beautifully executed in hardwood.

As we go up the stairs, we pause to look at the beautiful workmanship in the staircase, then we walk towards the balcony. The views to the left, towards Mossman Gorge and to the right, towards Snapper Island, are breath-taking.

If we look out past the spa in the Master Bathroom, we can see the view when sitting in the tub.

Looking down towards the pool and patio, we can see just how close the house is to the sea and the rocks.

Looking up at the house from the sea shows the Navigation Light for Port Douglas on the left of the house. Note the "Flying Roof" section.

From a helicopter, we can see the house with all the "glass panel" walls removed. The Master Bed is clearly seen in the upper left. Imagine sleeping there!

A closer look from the sea side shows the superb architectural detail of the house. Moving closer we get a more detailed view of the lower section.

Once more on the upper level, a view of the sea, the pool and the patio again shows the architectural detail, with the glass "wall panels" pulled back.

Returning to the main level, we take one last look out to sea. The clouds have rolled in, but the beauty of the location remains stunning. We have closed the glass wall panels in case it rains.

Check out the happy owners. If you can't be happy here, then what does it take ???

What a place !