Ron Friend

A Tribute to a "Great Guy"

Ron died in March 1994, just six months after his eightieth birthday. What I have compiled here will be an attempt to bring together some insight and material that shows the man he really was.

When he was almost 80, Ron labouriously typed his memoirs from the War, typing one-finger. He wrote 30-something pages, and it sure seems to be like the way he saw it. It's blunt at times, but then again, so was he.

After the War, he worked for a while as a Navigator with QANTAS. He continued to use the Flying Log he had used during the War, so his hours showed continuity. A look at a page from his log while with QANTAS shows some of the very long flights they did across the Indian Ocean.

He was an incredibly handsome man, for which I remain eternally grateful that I received some of his genes. We don't realise how lucky we are - after all, we can't choose our parents. Take a look at this photo of Ron on his return from World War II and see how much he changed from the day he married my mother just four years earlier.