Tony's Personal Page

A Words and Pictures Section

I was, as they say, born at a very early age. It becomes increasingly difficult, and somewhat egotistical, to talk about the early years. However, here goes.

At 13, Dad and I thought I should take up sailing, so he bought me a VJ sailing boat.

At around the same time, I was adopted by a beautiful dog, which followed me to school and slept next to me all day.

At some stage, I will do a section on the trip through Africa with my first wife, Ilona, in 1972. It was quite amazing in retrospect. At the ripe and mature age of 27 (she was 25) it didn't seem a big deal to drive alone from the southern tip of Africa to the Mediterranean, and on to Holland.

Fast forward to December 1997, and Forbes Magazine has done a story on our business. To support the story, they have made up a graphic of Tony surrounded by aircraft. It looks kinda dramatic, and hopefully will attract readers.

Do you like jokes? I have had this one for about 25 years. Somehow or other, it always seemed to just tickle my weird sense of humour, so check out the Chicken joke.