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Some bits and pieces of Tony, and his family and friends

This page is the entrance to Tony's personal little place. No apologies. Over time (probably lots of time), I will add various photos, stories and other bits of nonsense that take my fancy. All personal stuff, varying from Dad's memoirs (in full) to bits and pieces of family history, and scans of old photos, some of which I probably should keep hidden.

Holidays, Vacations and Other Great Events

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Fishing Trips

Most people know me know that I have lived around boats most of my life. Here are some
Boats I have known, and/or owned and/or loved.

Some bits and pieces of Tony, and his family and friends

First up, I want to feature the really superb house my sister Libby built in TNQ (Tropical North Queensland). Suffice to say, I think it's worth a look, and I'm incredibly proud of my beautiful sister.

Second up, I want to feature the world's greatest dog, Ocker. Some might think we are biased in saying this, and while this may have some truth to it, he really is something special.

I also want to pay tribute to my father, Ron Friend. He was, in the words of many people, a Great Guy. This section shows his life, his passions, his War history, and some bits about the man.

I must, of course, have a section about one of the most admirable people I have ever known. My mother, Joan Friend. As anyone who has met her will attest, she is a woman of extraordinary abilities, a great personal beauty, a poet, charming, and a tough determination that carried her through where others would just have folded. Reading her writings gives us a rare insight into a very special person.

Lastly, There is some personal stuff about me. Most readers will want to avoid this, but some curious people, and a few doting aunts, may find it of interest.